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  1. James,
    Really appreciate your ideas for saving money and planning for an early retirement. I am concerned about the amout we spend on fuel for our cars. These weekly bills add up to a cosiderable amount over a year.
    Do you have any tips on keeping this expense under control?

    Keep up the great work.

    • Hello Tim, and welcome to the site. I have been planning to write an article about exactly that topic for some time now. We live 50 minutes out of the city we work in, so petrol is a large part of our budget at the moment. It should be published in a week or so. So you don’t miss out, make sure you subscribe to my posts if you haven’t already.

      I am also planning an article about the hidden costs of commuting (including calculating a value for your time that is wasted commuting).

      In the mean time, have a read of my article about the financial benefits of owning and riding a bike – if you’re in cycling distance to work then it might be worth a look.

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