I’ve been slack for too long

I haven’t updated my blog for over a month which is pretty slack.

My hiatus has been due to a number of factors: a close friend’s wife went overseas leaving us more time to drink beer; I’ve had the flu; been on holidays; had a busy period at work; the football season has started amongst a host of other bad reasons.

I could choose to get down in the dumps about it and just stop updating my site but I would then miss out on all of the positive things this site has given me. Better late than never, I say. Oddly enough, the break confirms again for me what a wonderful hobby blogging is – if I’d bought a brand new fishing boat in a fit of consumerist madness back in September instead of starting this blog, can you imagine how much I’d be kicking myself if I lost the drive to get out on the boat?

If I do permanently decide that blogging isn’t for me then I’ve lost absolutely nothing at all. After taking out the modest costs of hosting and domain registration, I’ve come out considerably ahead in my short time blogging having made some money from adsense, bluehost, Amazon and the like. All the time spent updating the site hasn’t been wasted either, because it has provided me with a real sense of accountability – the idea that people are reading about my progress is extremely good motivation to stay the course with my financial independence goals.

Speaking of advertising revenue. Something odd happened when I stopped updating my site. My advertising revenue went through the roof. I have no idea why, but I’ve made 100 times more in the month without updates than I did in the previous months slaving away writing new articles. Hopefully I don’t jinx things by writing this!

My motivation for updating might have temporarily waned, but my motivation for financial independence and frugality hasn’t. I do think that being away from the site has caused me to think through my purchases a little less though. Hopefully the knowledge that I have to update my site causes me to get back on track. I certainly haven’t been profligate, but I’ve just had less cause to think about the best frugal option in all circumstances like I used to previously.

This weekend I’m going to do my March report, and I expect spending to be up slightly, but nothing too dramatic. See you then!

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I’ve been slack for too long — 9 Comments

  1. It’s cool dude. Sometimes I don’t update as often as I’d like. But my motto is always, “real life before internet life.” And I stick by that. If my family, job, or anything else needs to take a front seat, then the blog is the first to get hung out to dry! And that’s how it should be, so no worries.

  2. I can’t wait to see how March went for you. I’ve been checking every so often and had hoped you weren’t completely gone because I love your financial style.
    And listen to Greg, I’m fearing that I may be banned from Adsense soon as well.

  3. Keep at it. I just started my blog about a month ago and just this week transfered it to my own domain. Even if I don’t end up making much on it I am learning skills that I may need for a job one day. Not everyone knows how to set up a site and manage it, including me. I’m learning as I go and hopefully I gain some useful skills along the way.

  4. I go through very similar periods of being a slacker. It happens to all of us. Hang in there and keep it up. You’ve got a great theme and I hope you prove to everyone that you really can retire in 10 years. I’m rooting for you.

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