Cheap Hobbies: Why you should start running today

Running is one of the cheapest hobbies known to man. For the average runner, you only need decent quality running shoes, some decent socks and somewhere outside to run.

There is even a growing movement of people who swear by barefoot running as well, so theoretically you can run literally without any equipment at all making running the king of cheap exercise. Running comes in at number eight on my mega top 100 cheap hobbies list.

A word of warning though – like many other hobbies that start out cheap, it is very possible to spend far more than you need. You might be tempted to buy a running GPS watch, a drink belt, a camel pack or a treadmill, but really those things aren’t necessary and can wait until you know for sure that it will represent good value. I don’t really think there is ever a good reason to buy a treadmill though, unless you live in a place where it snows. I don’t think that buying a $1200 treadmill is a good idea if your focus is on a new cheap hobby to keep you fit.

If you have a smart phone, there are numerous applications available to track your runs so that you can chart your progress. I’m a huge fan of charting progress as you can tell from my monthly reports, there is nothing more motivating than knowing your time from your last run to keep yourself accountable. 


Top ten reasons to get started running today

  1. It will extend your life
  2. It’s free. Almost everyone can run directly out their front door and run straight away, or go somewhere close by to run
  3. Lose weight
  4. Meet people at your local running club
  5. Stop the gym membership. running combined with bodyweight exercises will replace the gym and save you $60+ a month
  6. Challenge yourself. Running is hard. It hurts, and seems to never get easier. But one day you’ll realise that you’re running 50% faster than before. It’ll happen!
  7. Train yourself to meet and exceed goals that you set for yourself. Your success with running will transfer into other areas of your life
  8. Improve your cardio performance for other activities, particularly useful if you play a sport
  9. Sleep better at night
  10. Improve performance at work
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Cheap Hobbies: Why you should start running today — 2 Comments

  1. I think the most important thing for someone taking up running is to ensure that their shoes are good and not worn out. Shoes can get fairly pricey. My brother gets wicked shin splints and has to purchase new, good runners rather frequently.

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