My overview for 2012

Tomatoes in the garden during 2012
It’s been a good year for me this year.

I have bought a house with my beautiful partner, I changed jobs to one I genuinely love working with friends and a 50% increase in salary and I have made major inroads towards achieving financial independence.

I want to keep the current trajectory going as long as I can and hope that this blog helps me be accountable. Setting goals that seem slightly out of reach has worked well for me and I’ll continue to do that next year.

My goals for next year are to:

  • Earn $5,000 from non-salary sources
  • Run 1,000km
  • Spend 25% or less of my salary
  • Reduce my mortgage by half

I would like to thank everyone who has read my blog, particularly those who have commented or sent me emails – I love seeing emails from readers and your feedback (positive or negative) is always appreciated.

I posted recently about my cold shower challenge for December, and so far I’ve not resorted to a hot shower at all, and it’s been great. I am going to continue past the end of December purely because I find them more enjoyable. The fact that they are also better for conserving our tank water supplies and out electricity bills is a great bonus.

I am going to post a challenge for myself each month for the following month, with the hope that it might translate into a broader positive change in my life. In January 2013 I am going to go without alcohol. I would like to cut down and this might be a good first step in breaking the habit. Most of the challenges are going to be based around going without because it conforms with my minimalist attitude of late and I like the challenge.

My next post won’t be until January, and my December report won’t be pretty because I managed to get sucked into the consumer vortex that is Christmas. I’ll aim to do better in this area next year by being more organized – and hopefully as a result the people around me will get better, more personalized presents as a result.

See you next year – have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year!

ps – Go check out my guest post over at Canadian Budget Binder for a quick beginner’s guide to early retirement. 

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My overview for 2012 — 22 Comments

  1. Love the monthly challenge idea. I am going to write a post on New Year’s Eve about my 2013 goals. I definitely like this one: Earn $5,000 from non-salary sources. I might set mine a bit higher, but in reality I would be very happy with $5k.

    • Thanks very much Maria. Hopefully setting some decent goals for 2013 will help me next year. I’m going to post an update soon with some more specific resolutions for 2013.

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